Interior and Exterior Painting: What to Expect When Hiring a Painting Contractor in Austin

Painting Services in Austin

Homes that are painted with charcoal or smokey black colors can sell for $6,271 more than other paint choices. But you need to hire a painting contractor to make the most of your renovation. These professionals are able to complete exterior home painting and interior home painting projects so you can give your property a makeover. 

After you decide to look for painting services, you’ll need to properly prepare for home to be painted. For interior painting this means protecting valuable furniture and blocking off rooms with the correct dividers before you hire an Austin painting contractor. For exterior painting that means moving items away from the outside of the house like patio furniture or any other items that could get ruined by paint. 

So, follow this guide to help you create a realistic painting timeline and find the best Austin painting services. 

What To Know Before Hiring a Painting Contractor in Austin

It’s important to determine if hiring a painting contractor in Austin is necessary before you start searching online. If you’ve never completed a home renovation involving interior or exterior painting, it’s easy to think that the painting process is easy. All you have to do is buy some paint and cover the walls, right?

Well, if you care about your property looking attractive and eye-catching, you don’t want an accidental streak of paint on your windows or an uneven application of paint that shows variances. So, you need to work with painting contractors in Austin, TX, that have experience with different homes and applying several coats of paint

A few key benefits of hiring a professional are saving time and getting a better-finished result. But, professional painting contractors also complete the project quickly, which means you don’t need to pay for extra labor. As long as you browse references and check the experience of companies, you’ll have a team that sticks to the contract and gets the job done correctly. 

This is particularly important if you need to paint your home for selling or an event. You don’t want to have to cancel a viewing because of a delayed job. So, hire a professional and save time when upgrading the space. 

Prepare the Space for Painting

Various items in your home need to be protected for painting, or they can be ruined. For example, expensive furniture is often moved away from wet paint as it’s common for paint to splash occasionally. If you’re worried about furniture, it’s worthwhile considering putting chairs or tables in a separate room. 

You can also keep the furniture in the same space but move it to the center. This prevents the items from being covered in paint and allows painting contractors to walk around freely. After you take care of the furniture, you need to remove the hangings from the wall. 

Paintings, clocks, bunting, and other decorative items must be removed from the walls and stored safely. When the painting is over, you can return them to your freshly painted walls

It’s essential that you clean the walls before the paint is applied. Dirt and marks can be visible after painting if they are not carefully cleaned. So, you don’t want to spend money on a painting company for it to be for nothing. Cleaning walls is easy, and all it requires is a solution of water and soap. 

Simply put some soap and water into a spray bottle and shake it thoroughly. Then, spray gently on the surfaces and wipe over them. 

The last step is to ensure your pets and children are out of the area. Painters need space to do their work.  Paint can be messy, so you don’t want to risk it falling over. Keep the room clear and free of potential accidents running around. 

Tips for Finding a Good Painting Contractor

Finding a good painting contractor can be tricky if you don’t spend time assessing their experience and skills. Similar to other professionals like electricians or plumbers, a painter needs to arrive on time for the job. When a painter shows up at your home, they should take breaks but not for hours at a time. 

Reviews are an excellent place to look for details on their punctuality. If previous customers complain about absent workers and showing up late, it’s best to look for another company. Professional painters should also suggest doing a walk-through to examine the space so they can give you a more accurate estimate.

Don’t trust a service that simply guesses over the phone without seeing the physical area. Your painting contractor should provide estimates before the final price and have the right insurance. 

Where To Find a Painting Contractor

In the past, you would check the local newspaper for a local painter, but in the age of technology, all you need is your phone. Searching for an Austin painting contractor, Georgetown painting services, or a Round Rock painting company will give you the top results in the neighborhood. Filter through the list and pick out the ones with the best reviews. 

Another option is to ask friends or colleagues for recommendations, as it’s a good way to find out about trustworthy painters. Remember to ask about unexpected costs like utilities or other materials. But, most of the time, the consultation call will allow you to clarify the contract’s details. 

If you’re unsure about the timeline or costs, ask before signing the paperwork. This gives you a good idea about the process and how to budget for the project. 

Work With Experienced Painters

Are you looking for a painting contractor in Austin? Or, painting companies in Hutto, Round Rock, Pflugerville, Georgetown, and the surrounding area? If so, contact ASAP Remodel & Construction to come by for a free on-site estimate.

Our team has experience in both exterior and interior painting, which means we have the best recommendations for paint choices. Plus, we use high-quality materials for an affordable price. Time is not an issue as we take this into consideration your budget and expectations.  Our job is to deliver a fast, reliable service, and beautiful final product that makes you feel your money was well spent.

Let us know here about your painting project, and we will provide an estimate for the size and style of your home. That way, you can start picking out colors!

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